Our Resident Studs

We have two very well proven Miniature Poodle resident stud dogs called Biscuit and Rolo, who we use when breeding Cockapoos. Biscuit is a gorgeous red and Rolo is a fabulous chocolate brown. Both boys are very caring in nature, have wonderful temperaments, extremely lovable characters and are an absolute pleasure to have as part of our family.

They are regularly vet checked to ensure they’re in pristine condition, both have extremely low inbreeding coefficient percentages and each hold ten 100% clear DNA health tests including prcd-PRA, DM and vWD-1.

Meet Rolo

Rolo is an extremely charming, playful and very affectionate Miniature Poodle. His character and looks get a lot of attention, as it’s hard not to adore this real life chocolate brown teddy bear. He’s a loving family pet with a cheerful nature, who loves a cuddle, is very intelligent and has an extremely sociable temperament with wonderful looks.

Meet Biscuit

Biscuit is a very happy, fun loving and clever Miniature Poodle. His stunning looks and outstanding red colouring are highly desirable and admired – he really is a fabulous looking dog. He’s a great size for enjoying cuddles on your lap, which of course is very much enjoyed, and he loves nothing more than playing in the garden with his doggy friends!

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