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My name is Jo and I’m in my late 40’s, ouch that’s always a tricky one to type! I’m a small, but highly experienced licensed dog breeder, with a true passion for quality home breeding. I’m a very caring, kind and friendly person, with a real love for everything dog, family and cake related!

I have been researching and practicing quality home breeding and puppy care for many years. I have lots of experience with Cockapoos, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, and therefore a deep knowledge of their health, temperament, care, looks, coat colours, coat types, generations and breeding. I hold recognised qualifications having completed Ofqual Level 2 and 3 in canine care, behaviour and welfare, which shows my dedication and passion for quality dog care and ethical breeding.

I have also helped many first time breeders over the years with their canine pregnancy, whelping and ongoing quality puppy care.

I hope this page gives you a good idea about me and my wonderful dogs.

Love Jo and the HoneyTree pack xxx

Best of Care

It’s fair to say, I am an extremely caring and soppy dog owner who gives her dogs as much love and attention as possible. They enjoy a quality diet of dog food and natural treats, are home and professionally groomed, and they enjoy wonderful walks and cuddle time too. As well as being fully vaccinated with yearly boosters, monthly flea prevention and worming treatment and full yearly health checks they are also DNA health tested to the very highest standard for their breed.

My dog care routines and procedures are fully focused on my adult dogs and their puppy’s well-being and ongoing welfare. I have quality care, feeding, grooming, health and exercise routines in place to ensure my dogs and puppies have a well-balanced upbringing, as well as being very much loved. During her pregnancy mother-to-be enjoys quality food, is exercised to her needs, has an ultrasound scan and of course all of the rest she needs. She is fully supported throughout her pregnancy, whelping and for the duration of caring for her litter. I even sleep on the sofa for the first few weeks after the puppies are born! All puppies are raised in our loving family home with an outstanding socialisation plan, quality diet and the very best of care.

Breeding Experience

I have many years of experience having bred F1B and F1 Cockapoos and pure breed Cocker Spaniels, so have lots of knowledge of these wonderful and very much desired breeds. When breeding a litter, I do it with as much care and love as possible, ensuring my puppies are always bred from wonderful parents, both with outstanding DNA health testing and excellent pedigrees. The ethos of my home breeding is all about quality rather than quantity, therefore I limit the amount of litters I have, which allows me to provide my puppies the very best care and also enjoy my own pack. All puppies are raised in a clean and loving family home with an aim to simply give them the very best start in life. My breeding and experience of raising quality puppies are really second to none. I hold recognised qualifications having completed Ofqual Level 2 and 3 in canine care, behaviour and welfare, which shows my dedication and passion for quality dog care and ethical breeding.

In loving memory of Honey, our much loved and adored Cockapoo. We miss you everyday! 

Licensed Breeder

I am a local authority licensed and fully insured home breeder, meaning my family home and husbandry have been inspected by the council licensing inspector and an independent professional veterinarian. I’ve met all the requirements to qualify to breed and sell puppies under the animal welfare act, and have achieved the highest rating for my home breeding licence. Being a council licensed breeder provides puppy owners the reassurance that every care is taken and that all litters are ethically bred in compliance with English legal requirements.

Licence Holder: Jo Buck Dog
Licence Number: N-DOG54
Local Authority: Herefordshire
Expiry Date: March 2027

HoneyTree Cocker Spaniels and Cockapoos

Our Location

HoneyTree Cocker Spaniels is located in beautiful rural South Herefordshire, just outside the historic cathedral city of Hereford.

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