Puppies at Forever Homes

Please find below a small selection of Cocker Spaniel’s we’ve had the pleasure of breeding, and are now enjoying an amazing life at their forever homes.

Many thanks to our wonderful puppy owners for sharing these lovely pictures and unique information about their much loved pets with us.



Favourite food: Cheese, the smellier the better!

Favourite human or doggy friend: He’s always most pleased to see his mummy but he also loves being with his family at home and at school! He particularly loves our premises officer who always arrives with a gravy bone at the end of the day!

Favourite activity or walk: The beach or the south downs… running with his mummy or in the thick of a family walk!

Best achievement: He is absolutely wonderful with the children at school! Each day he arrives with the waggiest of wagging tails! He is relaxed, happy and always so pleased to see the children!



Favourite food: Carrots, the crunchier the better.

Favourite human or doggy friend: Our next door neighbour and his dog walker. He gets almost as excited to she her as he does to see his mummy and daddy.

Favourite activity or walk: Chasing meaty bubbles around the garden or a beach walk.

Best achievement: Learning to swim like a big boy. Took him a little while to trust the water but now there is no stopping him. Riley loves an adventure.


Favourite food: Full chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings or scrambled egg and sausage from the local café. His favourite treats are mature cheddar and cow ears (not together!). Cutest thing is him singing for his breakfast every morning.

Favourite human or doggy friend: Matt (Dad) and Nala a Welsh Spaniel who he sees every week for a long walk and run.

Favourite activity or walk: Off-lead walking in a woodland area.

Best achievement: Coming top in all three of his puppy training classes.




Favourite food: He LOVES all food. Nature’s Choice treats, Liver Pate, Lily’s Kitchen, chicken, fruit and veg; likes carrots, bell peppers and apples, and he LOVES chasing and chewing ice cubes.

Favourite human or doggy friend: He’s a MASSIVE mummy’s boy, with his big brother Sam (my son) a close number 2.

Favourite activity or walk: He is a great companion for all activities really – long walks, pub visits, playing with other dogs, chewing his chew toys, doing house chores – he’s never far away!

Best achievement: He just graduated from puppy school where he learned to do four tricks – “respect” (paw), through the legs, spin, and “bang bang!” (play dead). He loves learning new things as he is very sharp and clever. It’s important to keep his brain occupied as well as his body.


Favourite food: A classic peanut butter-filled Kong toy.

Favourite human or doggy friend: Mum, but only when her eldest human sister isn’t at home.

Favourite activity or walk: Beaches, space to run, seagulls to chase, and water!

Fun fact: Nellie spins around in circles in excitement before she gets her food.




Favourite food: Definitely rabbit ears, pizzle sticks or Milk Bone biscuits.

Favourite human or doggy friend: Daddy! Real daddies boy!

Favourite activity or walk: Favourite thing to do is to steal things, he is a real thief! Socks, underwear & especially tea towels, his favourite walk so far is Virginia Waters near Windsor.

Best achievement: Learning to sit, lay & give you the paw.


Favourite food: Definitely chicken!

Favourite human or doggy friend: His human mummy and daddy.

Favourite activity or walk: Loves lying in puddles and getting muddy! Favourite activity is sniffing (or having a zoomie).

Best achievement: Being gorgeous inside and out!



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