English Cocker Spaniels

The English Cocker Spaniel is recognised as one breed however there are two strains or types of this breed which include the show type and the working type, and although they are the same breed they do differ in appearance and character.


The show type has a pretty and luxurious looking coat with a soft texture. The coat has stunning feathers and a skirt which gives a soft flowing appearance. The show type coat is glamorous in looks and really does get much attention when you’re out and about with your dog, well it’s for showing off after all. Their body is compact with a well-balanced build, generally measures the same in height as in length. They have a full length tail which is always ready to wag and never docked. They have long ears which are lower set and their head shape has a slightly doomed appearance along with a square shaped muzzle.


They are a medium sized dog breed which is ideal for cuddling next to you or on your lap. They vary in size and build depending on their breeding, however they are generally around 15 inches in height when measured from floor to the top of their back, and approximately 12 kilograms in weight depending on the overall build.

Coat Colours

Their coats colours are truly stunning with an array of markings. It’s the luxurious look of the coat which makes the show type Cocker Spaniel much admired. Coat colours can include golden, liver (brown/chocolate), orange, lemon, red, black, black and tan, liver (brown/chocolate) and tan. Cocker Spaniels can have beautiful coat markings which may include roan, bi (parti) and tri markings, ticking, sable and sable roan as well as white tuxedo (chest markings).

The roan coat marking is a mix of white hairs intermingled with coloured hairs, each individual hair is the same colour from root to tip but due to the placement of white and coloured hairs it creates the roan pattern with a mottled coat appearance. A sable coat marking has dark tipped hairs therefore the individual hair has a base colour at the root of the hair and then the tip of the hair is a darker colour, i.e. black sable or liver (brown/chocolate) sable, giving this absolutely stunning sable coat appearance. Sable roan is a mixture of these two beautiful coat markings, where the coat has a mixture of white hairs intermingled with the coloured hairs as well as having the darker sable coloured tips on the coloured hairs.

Blue Roan Sable Coat

Their eye colour can vary depending on their coat colour and also their colour genetics which can be dark brown, brown, hazel or even a more unusual amber green colouring. They have either black or liver (brown/chocolate) skin pigment colour which can be seen on their nose, paw pads and eye rims.

Amber Green Eyes with Liver (Brown / Chocolate) Pigment

Dark Brown Eyes with Black Pigment


The English Cocker Spaniel is a very cheerful and merry breed, always with a happy wagging tail and they aim to please. Although they can be busy and energetic as a breed, they also have a calm, gentle and extremely affectionate temperament which gives them a lovely balanced nature. In general the show type English Cocker Spaniel is a less energetic type with a placid and calmer nature, although they can still have their playful energetic moments but closely followed by a cuddle and snooze.

This breed adores their humans and canine friends. They are full of fun therefore enjoy their walks and playtimes, are good at retrieving objects when playing fetch, some really enjoy their ball or tug toy type play. They love their food very much, therefore are easy to train with a high value treat.

They are not only stunning looking with a merry nature, they are also very devoted, loyal and a loving dog breed that will bring you and your family so much joy. There’s nothing quite like a merry Cocker wag to make you smile.

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