English Cocker Spaniel Puppy with Roan Coat

The roan coat marking is a mix of white hairs intermingled with coloured hairs, each individual hair is the same colour from root to tip, but due to the placement of white and coloured hairs it creates the roan pattern with a mottled coat appearance.

The roan marking develops as the puppy grows therefore when newly whelped the puppy may appear to have a white colour with either black, chocolate/liver, lemon or orange patches, however the white colouring will change and develop with intermingled coloured hairs. A roan puppy may have a slight tinge in colouring in the white sections of their coat, and also the paw pigment is a good clue to if the puppy will develop a roan marking. A roan puppy will eventually have a solid pigment on their paw pads either solid black or brown in colour, however the newly whelped puppy will start off with pink paw pads and then the solid black or brown paw pigment will develop. This can be seen as a halo around the outside of the paw pad which becomes a full colour overtime. The white parts of the roan coat will change in colour as the intermingled coloured hairs grow and develop with age.

Blue Roan Paw Development

This is a Blue Roan and Tan Cocker Spaniel puppy, which at birth had a white coat with black patches and tan markings on the face points, and the paw pigment development confirmed this puppy was roan rather than white, black and tan (tri colour).

One Day Old

The paw pad is mainly pink in colour but a very fine line of pigment colour can be seen around the edge of the pad.

One day old solid sable coat marking development.


Three Days Old

The black pigment colouring can be seen a little clearer at three days old.

Two days old solid sable coat marking development.

Seven Days Old

Further change can be seen as the puppy grows and the coloured halo is very clear to see at seven days old.

Seven days old solid sable coat marking development.

Ten Days Old

The black colouring is now slowly filling the paw pad as it develops from the outside inwards.

Twelve days old solid sable coat marking development.

Twenty Five Days Old

The majority of the paw pads is now black coloured pigment and with further growth and development the remaining pink colouring will also become black in colour too.

Four weeks old solid sable coat marking development.

Eight Weeks Old 

A stunning blue roan and tan Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Blue roan and tan Cocker Spaniel puppy.

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